On the Kaliningrad CHPP-2 was a presentation of a new power plant

It will help to ensure an uninterrupted supply of electricity. Elevated to this important region object on the "safe side in case."

 Photo source:rfn.ru

For almost a year, as Kaliningrad CHPP-2 operates at full capacity. Start of the second unit will increase production of electricity and heat, new technologies — to reduce fuel consumption. One of the most important indicators of the called station commissioning of the object, rare for the Russian energy sector.

OLEG Gurylev, director of the Kaliningrad CHPP-2: "The construction, carried out commissioning and placed in a reserve emergency diesel power plant."

The essence of this station — in the shortest possible time to help develop the region’s energy supply in the event of large-scale accidents. For example, as happened in August. Then there was a real collapse — was almost de-energized the whole area. Now the energy ready to give a "balanced response" vagaries of nature and technology.

Many homes have a computer and the so-called uninterruptible power supply. Which, in the case of blackouts, some time maintains the voltage on the network. Roughly the same principle works and that this large auto plant in the TPP-2.

VLADIMIR Semenkina, deputy chief engineer of the Kaliningrad CHPP-2 "emergency diesel power plant consists of three diesel generators of five and a half mega watts each. This allows you to quickly "from scratch" to deploy one of the gas turbines and generators in the future, all of Kaliningrad TPP-2 ".

The station is equipped with the latest American equipment and fully automated. Very soon, it will have to demonstrate their capabilities in practice — will be announced when the drill.

SERGEY Timoshevskaya, chief engineer of the Kaliningrad CHPP-2: "The challenge for the next year, when the winter is over — already hold large-scale tests, simulating the situation that occurred. According to the results of these tests must ensure that defects, errors into account, and this will not happen again. "

From the first of January next year Kaliningrad "TPP-2" passes "under the wing" of the new structure — the "INTER RAO — Electric Power Plants." The company will make it another 16 power plants in Russia. Many of them are going to take over management experience with the latest equipment is in Kaliningrad Power.

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