On the KamAZ preparing a new long-haul tractor

On the "KamAZ" preparing a new long-haul tractor. While the legend of the domestic auto industry did restyling. Car found a new face and a modern interior. World experience of truck shows that the most effective method for developing competitive products in this — computer modeling. But the most important thing in the car — after the motor. The engine is made by the most modern technologies. Warranty on the pistons — a million miles away.
530 horsepower, six driving wheels of 6 — a monster conceived to transport heavy equipment into the taiga.
Legendary truck found a new face. The friendly and modern forms of beauty — fashion, but also a new design.
"There have been reinforced front frame cabin itself because increased safety requirements for cabin and the driver’s seat, — says Yuri Pivushkov. — Earlier frontal impact, impact pendulum, as we call it, accounted for somewhere in the bumper part, the defense had enough bumper, then the new requirements have to blow on the forehead, very tough. "
The kid with the number 5308 is indeed — a new model for the "KamAZ". One of the smallest, yet technically equipped. The diesel engine is the most advanced of those that are going to Russia.

Any deviation from the technology — a quick death in the future engine. Flatness of surfaces, geometry, composition of the metal monitored at all stages of production. Read more about it — Anatoly Luzgin, Production cylinder group "Federal-Mogul Naberezhnye Chelny", "robot takes the raw casting, put the spindle ultrasound machine is an ultrasound scan of the combustion chamber and the wavelength can determine if the pores inside the combustion chamber or no. "
After the robot will check the piston and more people. Most importantly — the quality of the adhesion of metals. Marriage can lead to the most sad for any motorist — jamming the engine.
Vedena system of identification and traceability.
All parts and assembly operations in the engines — with numbers. Measurements of distances and diameters, torque bolts on each engine at once, directly from the machine, entered into a global database.
Warranty on the pistons — a million miles away, engine blocks a little less.

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