On the Kapustin Yar in 2011 tested more than 30 types of weapons

MOSCOW, Jan. 13 — RIA Novosti. In 2011, "Kapustin Yar" tested more than 30 models of weapons and military equipment. In the course of these tasks at the site held more than 500 rockets, targets, missiles, almost 1.5 times the number of starts over the previous year, said on Friday, RIA Novosti, the representative of the Defense Ministry for the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) Colonel Vadim Koval.

 Photo source:yandex.ru

In addition, the colonel said that in 2012 at the site "Kapustin Yar" plan to test about 70 new weapons. This is about 2.5 times more than last year.

"In 2012, at the Astrakhan interspecific range of the Defense Ministry," Kapustin Yar "is planned to test about 70 types of weapons at more than 160 test subjects," — he said.

Vadim Koval added that at present, the structure of the "Kapustin Yar" there are four major scientific test units of weapons and military equipment (Strategic Rocket Forces, Air Defense Force, Army and Air Defense Missile Forces and Artillery), the center of the measurement and mathematical processing of information as well as a testing ground missile defense "Sary-Shagan", stationed in Kazakhstan.

State Central interspecies "Kapustin Yar" — a single research complex, which has a high scientific and technical potential, the development of experimental and technical base, favorable climatic conditions, territory and air space to allow testing and refinement of a joint offensive and defensive weapons systems for the benefit of all services and arms of the Armed Forces. In particular, the test elements of the combat equipment of ballistic missiles "Kapustin Yar" is unique. Only the test routes and landfill measuring system allows testing of advanced combat equipment throughout the range of possible conditions of delivery to targets.

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