On the Karelian pellet launched a second set of dry magnetic separation

Of "Karelian Pellet" included in the mining (raw) Division Mining and Metallurgical Company "Severstal". The company ranks third in Russia in terms of production of iron ore pellets. The main consumer of the company’s products is the metallurgical plant "Severstal", located in the city of Cherepovets. The company also exports its products to export: United Kingdom, the Netherlands, the USA, China.

April 2 of "Karelian Pellet" was put into operation the second set of dry magnetic separation (VMS). The project cost more than 200 million rubles is unique across the country and enable the company to significantly improve their productivity and efficiency.

"Karelian Pellet" is the only company in Russia that uses SMS technology on board of the quarry where the ore passes the first stage of crushing. Thereafter, the crushed pieces to fall into the conveyor belt magnetic separator, dividing into two streams — the rock ore and purified. The latter sent for crushing and processing plant. 

This technology can significantly reduce the losses that occur due to blockages in the contact zones of ore main ore deposits and deposits interbedded when working with a large excavator bucket capacity. In addition, significantly reduced the cost of transporting the ore after the SMS to the processing plant.

During the construction of the second complex is considered previous experience. In particular, increased hopper, which now allows you to unload 136? Ton dump trucks, mounted crane beam to facilitate repairs, improved vibratory feeder. These and other innovations significantly affect the productivity of the new complex. If the SMS-1 processes 3 million tons of ore annually clogged, then the performance of CMC-2 is 4 million tons.

All work on the complex are automated. Management of processes of crushing and dry picking carries one operator. To ensure the safe performance of work in the storage hopper to discharge zone SMS dump trucks mounted cameras.

"The complex is unique for Russian companies. As for the plant is the second such facility. The first several years of successfully operating at Korpangsky field, which develops "Karelian Pellet." Our plant first went to experiment with using the dry separation aboard career, and it paid off in full. In the future, we intend to use and improve the technology, "- said the technical director of" Karelian Pellet "Anatoly Teriokhin.

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