On the Kola NPP-2 passed the test of the safety case of the BN-800

On the Kola NPP-2 tests of a safety case of the BN-800. In the test was attended by representatives of companies belonging to the group "Atomenergomash": JSC "ZIO-Podolsk" IR "ZIOMAR", "OKBM." This is the penultimate test before delivery to the customer (JSC "Concern Rosenergoatom") finished body of the BN-800.

The design of fast reactor safety reactor vessel is used for localization of the main coolant — liquid sodium — in case of leakage of the main body. The possibility of such a violation is calculated rather than probable. Confirmation of this — good condition hull BN-600 reactor, in operation since 1980

The test of the safety case was conducted in three areas: strength, density, tightness, but the amended scheme. Previously, when a similar test cavity between the belay and the main body was filled with demineralised water is pumped high pressure, producing endurance, then the pressure was reduced to a pressure of inspection. External inspection allowed to identify a leak, and the residual plastic deformation of the casing. The method involves testing the subsequent drainage of desalinated water and a long drying process of internal cavities. In this case, there was no guarantee that all the moisture is completely removed. Therefore, when the body of the safety tests BN-800 has been applied differently: pneumatic hydraulic testing replaced. This eliminates the possibility of moisture into the cavity between the main buildings and the belay. "Doubts as our product, multi-stage control in the past," ZIO-Podolsk "and upon acceptance at the station, and manufactured with precise execution of assembly technology, we did not have any," — said the deputy chief designer of the IR "ZIOMAR" Alexander Muhonko.

There is an ongoing assembly internals, pumps and heat exchangers, towers and other housing units. The final test of the reactor pressure vessel in accordance with the work plan should take place before the end of this year.

JSC "ZIO-Podolsk" is a manufacturer of body BN-800 reactor with internals, steam generators, as well as equipment for the machine room Beloyarsk NPP-2.

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