On the Kola nuclear power plant started filling the channel 4-th power

26 June 2013. at the site under construction unit number 4 Kola NPP reactor BN-800 was another remarkable event started filling water-supply channel connecting Beloyarskoe reservoir and pumping station block.

At present, the canal is separated from the reservoir earthen bridge through which the pipe is laid. The flow of water in the canal is the tube by gravity through the inclines. In this way, the channel fills with water after 26 days, after which the earthen dam is removed.

"Start the new water-supply channel — another important step on the way to the upcoming commissioning of the new unit," — saidDirector Michael Beloyarsk Bakanovat the ceremony, during which the tube was removed from the cap, and the stream of water poured into the prepared bed of the channel.
In thermal and nuclear power plants water coming from the reservoir is used to cool the turbine condensers of power and is called the circulation, as opposed to specially treated feed water to steam circuit of power. The condenser is designed for condensing turbine (reconversion to the water) of the heated water vapor passing through the turbine and implement its rotation. Steam circuit operates in a closed cycle: condensed feed water is sent back to the steam generator. A heat transferred in the process of cooling the steam in the condenser is given to the circulating water in the reservoir, which was created as a technological cooling pond. Currently units in new projects instead of the cooling pond provide a special construction, the cooling feedwater flow of air — cooling tower.

Power unit number 4 Beloyarsk with fast neutron reactors BN-800 is in the final stages of construction. Physical startup of the reactor will be held at the end of 2013, and the energy power unit — connect to the grid — is scheduled for 2014.

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