On the Kola nuclear power plant (Sverdlovsk region) built a new power

Construction of the BN-800 Beloyarsk today provides additional income and work out the latest technology of new nuclear generating capacity, and in the future will be the key unit of economic development of the Middle Urals.

Today the unit is becoming more realistic shape: builders took to the so-called 36th mark. It is planned that in 2012 the end of the building will remain only the components. Autumn 2013th be held technical launch of the station, which will begin in 2014, her work fully.

"This is a very important project for the development of the energy of the Sverdlovsk region. Even today, he really brings a significant investment in the regional economy. It created 2.8 thousand new jobs, and this additional income and to the regional and local budgets. We will not forget that in the past year said that all builders should be employed in the territory of our region, " — said regional governor Alexander Misharin.

Further development of the power plant is also possible to download orders, many enterprises of the region — from cement factories to manufacturers of special equipment. Construction of BNPP-2 — is the result of the entire nuclear industry in the country and launching pad for the development of fast neutron technology, the basis for the construction of the BN-1200.

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