On the Kola Peninsula, the first stage of reconstruction Flue gas path

In refining the workshop of the Kola Mining and Metallurgical Company (a subsidiary of MMC "Norilsk Nickel"), the first stage of reconstruction Flue gas path, which is designed for the transportation of sulfur dioxide to sulfuric acid separation dust collection unit.

Experts have completely replaced the main body duct, which was built in 1975. During prolonged use it practically run out of steam.

New Flue gas path lined with special refractory materials and equipped with additional thermal insulation, which eliminates a significant drop in temperature of the gas supplied to the Department of sulfuric acid.

In addition, the transport scheme greatly simplified: it had been removed from several units and units, which have recently been used in production, but it required considerable maintenance costs.

In the second phase of the project will be made assembling the input node of gases in sulfuric acid unit. This unit is required to operate in the most favorable process conditions, especially at the transition from one line of sulfuric acid to another.

Now, to make such a transition is required to stop all production of sulfuric acid in the office for 6-8 hours. Input node gases will do this almost non-stop.

The new system of gas supply to the Department of sulfuric acid will also solve the problem of fugitive emissions of sulfur dioxide, which is mainly due to poor equipment. Complete the renovation project Flue gas path is planned for December 2012. For its implementation Kola MMC will spend about 60 million rubles.

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