On the Kovykta gas condensate field for the first time in Russia have set

helium recovery

In the tests, the pilot plant will be checked for suitability to the fishing operation conditions to confirm the possibility of its use in the demanding environments of Eastern Siberia and the Far East.

On the Kovykta gas condensate field will be tested membrane plant helium extraction from natural gas production of NPK "GRASYS."

The decision of JSC "Gazprom" on the creation and installation test in this field due to the closest specification and climate with Chayandinskoye field in Yakutia, where the test results will be used in the design of industrial membrane plant of helium. Also very important is the fact that in the Kovykta gas helium contained in industrial concentrations.  
The work on this project together with the SPC "GRASYS" take part, LLC "Gazprom mining Irkutsk", OOO "Gazprom development" DOAO CKBN OAO "Gazprom" and OJSC "Gazprom VNIIGAZ".

Director of the Department of hydrocarbon projects NPK "GRASYS" Eryomin Eugene said: "As part of the project our company has developed technical and technological solutions for helium extraction of the total volume of natural gas Kovykta using membrane technology (defined Consumption data in the operation of membrane gas separation plants for purposes of helium from the specified quantities of natural gas). The company has completed the development of technical requirements and basic process system design, also conducted computational studies of gas separation. In cooperation with the company "Gazprom development" DOAO CKBN OAO "Gazprom" and OJSC "Gazprom VNIIGAZ" were developed program and methodology for conducting pilot tests of the installation.

Science and Technology Department and Engineering Center SPC "GRASYS" actively working on the development of design, technological and operational documentation of the pilot plant of helium from natural gas. Is well under construction and preparation for delivery of the main and auxiliary equipment. According to the contract between SPC "GRASYS" and LLC "Gazprom mining Irkutsk", by the end of 2013 is foreseen commissioning, including testing of membrane cartridges, as well as ensuring the monitoring and analysis of the results of tests on its conduct. This project is of great strategic importance for the Russian gas market — at this stage, it is important to determine the rational technology and circuit helium recovery. "

Membrane technology for recovering helium from natural gas will be used for the first time. New studies and tests suggest that the method of helium using the most energy efficient membrane technology. With the commissioning and the start of commercial production of gas in Eastern Siberia, Russia could become the world’s largest producer of helium.

This project is part of an extensive R & D program NPK "GRASYS." The constant search for new technical and engineering solutions ensures continuous improvement of its own technology and allows us to offer the highest quality solutions industry.

Research and development of NPK "GRASYS" conducted at research and test facilities of the company, in close collaboration with leading research centers in RRC "Kurchatov Institute" and TIPS RAS. Industrial testing of new technological solutions GRASYS conducted the largest fields of Russian design institutes together with oil and gas companies.

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