On the Krasnogorsk waterworks (Omsk Region.) Build navigation passes

Krasnogorsk waterworks — Build hydropower dam on the river Irtysh in 1813 kilometers from its mouth. Located near the village of Krasnaya Gorka Omsk Omsk region. Waterworks is designed to regulate the water level in the Irtysh River in the city of Omsk.

On the island of Krasnogorsk turned full-scale work on the construction of facilities for the passage of vessels. As the clock on the subject of the order of 450 professionals involved NGOs "Mostovik" and contractors.

"Today, more than half of the complex carried out work on the device access channels, the main force concentrated on the construction of the lock chamber. It consists of six sections of the pre-aggregated size of 25 by 27 meters. Each of them — is more than 200 tons of rebar and about 2,400 cubic meters of concrete. Now the work took place on the three sections of the camera — the head of the project for the construction of hydroelectric Boris Anpilogov Krasnogorsk. — Preparations for the concreting of the first blocks the top of the head lock, which will be taken by special equipment, gates, water supply systems. "

In parallel, construction of the left bank of the complex structures. At the finish line out of work on the construction of a concrete dam: builders started construction of the bridge girders, crowning the design of spillway sections. In the future, it will provide transportation process equipment for the repair and maintenance of hydropower. In total, the building structure is laid about 40,000 cubic meters of concrete, which is 80% of the required amount. In April, there will start assembling mortgages designs that will provide control of the water level. In the autumn of complex structures of the left bank should be put into operation.

In the final stage — dumping inspection of roads upper and lower bay and the formation of slopes. By the final stage — laying concrete slabs — the builders plan to start in the spring of this year.

The outer loop hydroelectric plant is dumping stone banquets levees that protect the structure from the effects of ice and water. In early January, the specialists of "bridge builders" have started to device first of the two bridges that could potentially block the Irtysh and enable the construction of the Right Bank of the complex hydraulic structures.
January 17 at the initiative of the NGO staff "Mostovik" and the parish of the Archangel Michael Father Sergius, with the blessing of Metropolitan Vladimir of Omsk and Tara at the entrance to the memorial cross erected object. Now, pray in your spare time can every believer from among builders and hydroelectric Krasnaya Gorka.

Customer: BU Omsk region "Managing customer for construction of hydroelectric Omsk."

General contractor: NGO "Mostovik".

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