On the Krasnogorsk waterworks (Omsk), work began on the construction of the Gateway

On Krasnogorsky Hydroelectric began training ship lock of the foundation area of 8 thousand square meters. m ground navigation opening necessary to lay about 840 cubic meters. m special hydraulic concrete. The press office of the NGO "Mostovik".

"In August, by the specialists of the department of engineering surveys" bridge builders "were conducted additional studies of soil on the island of Krasnogorsk. The data allowed to correct technical solutions: by increasing the number iglofiltrovyh plants in the pit dewatering device gateway is practically completed, — the head office of the object Krasnogorsky Hydroelectric Boris Anpilogov. — In early September, started work on the preparation of the base at two sites navigation opening. "

At present, work on the construction of hydroelectric facilities Krasnogorsk goes directly to the 16 sites. Only in the construction of hydroelectric employs more than 450 people day and night shifts, involved 111 units. Technology and 8 dredges.

Navigation lock — hydraulic structure designed to pass ships from one pond to another. In the center of the gateway — the camera to accommodate ships. From the north and south to adjoin the bottom and top of the head receiving water pressure, where the gates are placed, equipment and water supply systems. A large hydraulic structure is designed to solve the problem of water scarcity in the Omsk region and surrounding areas.

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