On the Ladoga vehicle factory build 3 passenger pleasure boat

 Photo source:portnews.ru

Ltd. "PetergofEkspress" (a group of companies "Astramarin", St. Petersburg) has signed a contract to build three passenger ships of pleasure at the facilities of OOO "Ladoga transport factory" (Shlissel’burg, Leningrad region).
How informed the director of the group of companies portnews.ru Andrey Kuznetsov, the cost of each ship is about 7 million rubles., The payback period — about 3 years.
"The decisive role in the decision to build a new passenger ships played out the new 305th law on measures to support shipbuilding and shipping," — said Kuznetsov.
Until the end of 2012, a group of companies "Astramarin" intends to extend a series of new ships by placing an order for another 10 such vessels.
Vessel construction has already begun — December 19, 2011 was held metal cutting. In May, the court will be floated, and by June 1, 2012 "Astramarin" will exploit the new boats on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg.
The project is developed by new ships "Special." Currently, the project is being coordinated at the Russian River Register (RRR) on the Register of class P1, 2. As explained by Andrey Kuznetsov, the new ship will replace the popular St. Petersburg pleasure boats of the "Fontanka", thus it will fully meet all the requirements for the safe transport of passengers as the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg and the Neva River. New comfortable passenger ship, with a capacity of about 100 people, has a lounge, sliding transparent roof. The ship’s length — 21.5 m, width — 5,6 m, draft — 0.7 m
The chapter "Astramarin" expects strong demand for new ships by the tour companies in St. Petersburg. "We offer new boats that provide comfort and safety of passengers, which is the basis of our company policy", — said Andrey Kuznetsov.

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