On the Lipetsk plant Structural component launched a new production wells and pipes

Equipped with the latest equipment line forming concrete products for the installation of sewer running by LLC "Structural component" in Lipetsk. This will produce up to 80 rings for the device wells closed pipeline per day.

All processes are computerized. Overall, the project has been invested more than 38 million rubles. From neighboring regions have already received orders for the supply of finished products.

For the modernization of production at the plant began four years ago. With the help of state support — the use of fund assets pledged Lipetsk region — the reconstruction of the shop, installed a high-tech German equipment.

With the technology of production of sewer products today have read the first deputy head of the executive power in the region, Yuri Bozhko, the head of Lipetsk Michael Gulevsky, head of the regional administration building and architecture Vladimir cloud.

Start a new line at the "Structural component" Yuri Bozhko called for a significant event in the field of construction industry.

— As used herein, modern technology allows to build a high-quality system of sewage. The demand for such products in the region is high. Such investment projects will always be supported by the regional authorities, — he said during the opening ceremony of the line.

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