On the Lower Isetsky steel plant has completed the first stage of the modernization

On NIZMK is a complete modernization of production. Technical re-equipment will create new and innovative products available to make the production range of more technologically advanced. It is planned to keep the current profile of the plant, expanding portfolio of customers of the energy industryand.

On Lower-Iset Plant of Metal (NIZMK) in Yekaterinburg completed the first phase of modernization. By now replaced frame buildings in all spans of the plant, mounted and roof sandwich panels on the walls. Also manufactured and installed metal floor, the floor is filled with concrete

 Photo source:nizmk.ru

NIZMK — is a major and important plant for the Ural Federal District and Russia as a whole, it is well-known objects. The plant manufactures steel structures for buildings of Yekaterinburg Circus, Theatre Drama Yekaterinburg, jumping on the GLA "Uktus" railway station building, JSC "NSMMZ" pipeline "Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok" of "Gazprom".

In Soviet times, the customers of the plant were countries such as Cuba, Mongolia, Vietnam, Bolivia. It is the largest plant for the production of tower supports (previously it produced 8,500 tons of steel per month). New leadership brings plant to a modern level, social change and economic policy NIZMK. Total NIZMK on the new plant will employ about 1,800 people.

Reconstruction NIZMK by the management company — JSC "Group" SverdlovElektro. " Recall NIZMK became part of the "SVEL" in 2010. The modernization of the plant completely rebuilt industrial buildings, increases the production area and capacity of the plant. The plant will be preserved range of products — steel building.
The project of reconstruction of the plant for the Group "SVEL" is not the first.

The company already has experience of a complete renovation of the existing production, when in place of the obsolete plant is being built a new building with modern equipment and technology. Such an example can serve two production sites of the "SVEL": SVEL — Power transformers (manufacture of power oil transformers for class 220 kV) and SVEL — RosEnergoTrans (production of dry-type transformers and dry limiting reactors).

Currently, the Group "SVEL" includes several productions: SVEL — RosEnergoTrans, SVEL — Power Transformers, Lower-Iset Plant of Metal, SVEL — Switchgear and SVEL — Instrument transformers.

The cost of the modernization project NIZMK — 5,000,000,000 rubles. Sources of funds — equity and debt.

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