On the Lower Tulomskaya HPP JSC TGC-1 opened the fish ladder for salmon spawning

June 6, 2013 on the Lower Tulomskaya plant opened fish ladder, which is a unique hydraulic structure and marked by environmentalists as unrivaled in the world in simplicity and convenience.

The construction is a 64-well, simulating a mountain river.

Fish ladder was first tested in 1936, and since then every year in early June, the salmon came up to him and rushes to spawn upstream Tuloma. On the way fish lurk seals already sailed to the tailrace of Lower Tulomskaya plant in search of easy prey. In August, the salmon with the new offspring will return to the sea, according to TGC-1.

On the eve of the opening of fish pass power engineers work was done to eliminate the defects of concrete structures and cleaning of wells from snow, ice and debris. In addition, at the time of spawning fish suspended repair the roadway on the hydroelectric dam.

"In the period of the fish ladder at Lower Tulomskaya GES created conditions favorable to the passage of fish — for salmon in the fish ladder has gone on for some time suspended work hydroelectric number 4, closes idle spillway. We do our best to provide versatility and reliability fish ladder, reduce the impact of industrial design on natural processes and contribute to the conservation of populations of key commercial fish species in the region ", — said the director of the Cascade of HPPs Tulomskie TGC-1 Alexander Tkachenko.

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