On the Moscow railway in 2012 received 18 commuter trains

Development of passenger transport in 2012 at the Moscow railway was given the highest priority. Acquisition and modernization of suburban rolling stock was sent 5.3 billion. The 18 new electric trains, each of which has a series of 11 cars ÝÄ4Ì Demikhovsky Engineering Plant, and 6 rail buses.

Arriving at the new Moscow railway trains depart on the busiest highway direction, gradually replacing the outdated train ER2. This year, the majority of the compositions attributed to the depot Domodedovo, after upgrading a significant portion of trains with a high level of comfort runs as parlays and aeroexpresses. According to one sent to the electric train depot train, Nahabino and Moscow-2, three of custody attributed to a Lobnya.Six rail buses arrived at the Moscow railway in trehvagonnom performance. They are all sent to the Novomoskovsk for passenger service to low-density areas of the Tula region.

Replacement of old diesel trains and purchase of rail buses series RA-2 program provides for rehabilitation of rolling stock. On the low-density areas of the Moscow railway replacing this type of rolling stock continues for seven years (the first "bus on rails" went on the road in the autumn of 2005).


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