On the mountain of debt in Nizhny Tagil tried out the new jumps

In Nizhny Tagil on Mount Long on December 26 passed the test jumping, jumping to mark the start of K-120.

Tagilskiy complex — the only one in the world where the entire line of the Four Hills is located in the same plane. They can compete at the same time. After the commissioning of the complex will be one of the most modern and enter the top ten in the world.

The first jump from a springboard K-120 made the defending champion Russia in Nordic combined tagilchanin Sergei Djachuk.


Ural athletes, including members of the youth team of Russia, in the first test results showed high jump, jumping reached 130 meters. Guests of the event were athletes from Nizhny Novgorod.

As a result of test events on trampolines K-40 and K-60 winners were:

I place (K-40) — Dmitry Titov
II place (K-40) — Eugene Borodachev
III place (K-40) — Alexander Schogolev

I place (K-60) — Vadim Shishkin
II place (K-60) — Vyacheslav Kuranov
III place (K-60) — Dmitry Gelwig

Recall reconstruction springboards on Mount Long began in 2009. It provides a range of activities, including construction of new ramps K-60, K-40, K-90 and K-120. After the commissioning of the complex will be one of the most modern.

In April 2012, at a meeting of the committee FIS was decided in March 2013 to conduct on-site Continental Cup competitions in ski jumping from the springboard. In addition, the ramps will serve as the primary training base for the preparation of the 2014 Olympic Games Russian national ski jumping jumping and Nordic combined. This facility is built in compliance with all training Olympic athletes. The Euro-Asian News.

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