On the new Belgorod pig animals brought from Germany

 Photo source:bel.ru

Party gilts from Germany came to the farm Church of the Belgorod region, where ongoing construction of a new platform, "Agro-Belogoriya" on the industrial production of pork — "Belgorod UK."

565 pigs were placed in the housing waiting here and will put the second batch of animals that have been waiting in December. Fully staffed with complex replacement stock is scheduled for March next year. According to the press service of "HA Agro-Belogorie" animals have to go through a 30-day quarantine. The first offspring is expected in late April — early May. In parallel with the reception of swine production facilities are preparing the farm. Thus, by the end of this year equip plot insemination and in plans for 2012 — farrowing and fattening.

After reaching full production capacity Belgorod IC will produce more than six thousand tons of pork per year. He and nine other facilities that will be built by 2013, will allow the holding of "Agro-Belogorie" to increase the annual production of meat from the current 100 to 170 thousand tons, the press service of the State Corporation "Agro-Belogorie."

Currently, the Red Guard and Grayvoronsky areas, construction of four more new pig farms. Already in December, the Red Guard’s expected supply of pigs from the Czech Republic and Poland, and Graivoronsky will take stock of the latest platforms: their acquisition will be completed in July next year.

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