On the new fleet for the Navy Russia will spend 300 billion rubles

By 2020, the Russian Navy will hand over 23 new types of surface ships and submarines, the creation of which in the framework of the program "Development of the military-industrial complex" allocated 292 billion rubles, the supervisor Director of FSUE "Central Research Institute named after Academician A.I.Krylova" Academician Valentin Pashin.

According Flank, shipyards must be built and delivered to the sailors, 23 new types of surface ships and submarines. Tonnage of ships of 800 tons. Most of the tonnage — 550 tonnes — will have on the new ships, the rest of tonnage — the ships to be improved.

"Action Programme shipbuilders focused on the Federal Target Program" Development of the military-industrial complex. " Only on its sea part must be sent 292 billion rubles, a sum sufficient for the reconstruction of shops, sites, stocks, introduction of scientific and innovative developments for the training of qualified personnel, "- said the scientist, ITAR-TASS reported.

According to him, at present, the construction time of warships and civilian vessels in domestic shipyards, as a rule, "not competitive," which, in turn, increases the cost of operations. For example, the delay of the construction schedule for five years increases the cost of the work in half. In this regard, it is important to raise to a qualitatively new level of design and technological preparation of production, taking a course not on the administrative resources, and market mechanisms. "

Pashin made during the jubilee meeting of the Association of Shipbuilders of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, which coordinates the work of the key enterprises of the northern sector of the capital, where there are 43 shipyards, research institutes, design bureaus.

According to the president of the Association of Shipbuilders of Professor Vladimir Alexandrov, it is important "that the Russian Navy ordered the company in domestic shipyards. It is unclear, for example, why nezagruzheny Europe’s largest stacks St. Petersburg Baltic shipyard and Admiralty Shipyards, where you can build ships and ships of large tonnage — from super tankers and gas carriers to heavy frigates and cruisers. "

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