On the new power Novokuibyshev CHP-1 began commissioning

The implementation of the investment project of the Samara branch of OAO "Volga TGC" — "Flint" — has entered the final stage. Entering the modern power capacity of 240 MW is already scheduled for this year.

Investment project "Flint" involves the installation of 3-turbine units of production «General Electric», which will not only improve the efficiency of the station, but also solve the problem of energy shortage Novokuibyshev power unit.

A notable feature of the new power Novokuibyshev CHP-1 is a close relation of all the technological systems of the old and new equipment that will allow the most efficient use of all available plant capacity and improve the reliability of their operation.

"Today, at the site are more than 450 experts from 15 contractors. A large amount of work carried out on the electrical part of a new power: DC tested shield generator and electrical conductors, the cells started commissioning of the switchgear own needs (RUSN) — equipment designed to meet the needs in the electric energy of the "Flint". The next step will be flushing and pressure testing of pipelines of power, whose total length of over 2.5 kilometers, "- said Director Novokuibyshev CHP-1 Yuri Panamarev.

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