On the Onega Tractor Plant arranged production of a new forest fire machine. (+ Video)

A new modification of the famous Karelian tractor "Onezhets 310" is different from its predecessors better maneuverability: it is installed hydrostatic transmission that allows infinitely variable speed, allowing the tractor to be careful to move around on the ground, less damaging soil cover in the woods. Improved and the cabin. She became more comfortable with a good view.

In addition, tractor plow is hung with which the forest can dig the protective strip from the grassroots fire, set winch for removing debris, tank capacity of three and a half tons of water pump that will effectively extinguish fires. In addition to the assembly itself, but here, in the factory, and produce some of the components. For example, a powerful winch.

To date, the production line has gone 50 cars. All are supplied in timber industry of the country. Until the end of the year on the HTA plan to produce another 200 series tractors "Onezhets 310"

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