On the picket station (Omsk region). Opened a new railway station

Aug. 3 on the eve of a railway station on the picket West-Siberian Railway officially opened a new comfortable railway station for passengers commuting distance. 

The new service and maintenance building on the picket station combines the waiting room for passengers commuting distance of 20 seats, as well as household and office space for the plant workers, railway equipment and management signaling, centralization and blocking and communication. New service and technical complex will replace the old wooden room, built about 120 years ago.

Area — 1100 square meters, which is almost five times the size of the old station. The total cost of the work, taking into account, updating the electrical centralization of power supply and communication throughout the plant amounted to about 160 million rubles. All construction works started in 2012.

New modern complex jobs with the post of station employees of electric centralization and comfortable passenger room is equipped with modern ventilation, heating and fire. Conditions have been created for passengers with disabilities — built ramps for easy lifting in space station and boarding platform.

"What you see today in this building — this is a brand new modern approach to the organization of work and the rest of our employees to serve our passengers. Picket station is not big, but it plays a role in organizing the movement of trains in the whole chain of the transportation process. Therefore, it is important that all of its employees create modern conditions, "said in his speech, Chief of the West-Siberian Railway Anatoly Reger.

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