On the reconstruction of the airfield Elizovo builders complete disassembly

passenger platform

In late May, the builders of FSUE "State ATS at Spetsstroy Russia" began dismantling the existing passenger platform — the area where the aircraft during a stop, boarding and alighting passengers. Reconstruction has caused some inconvenience that airport authorities in conjunction with the builders and the military tried to minimize — it was promptly repaired aircraft parking areas at the military part of the airport.


Reconstruction of the airport Elizovo gaining momentum: under concrete operations for the runway, taxiways, poured foundations for vysokomachtovye lighting poles, installed a fence around the airfield, continues to build downspout drainage system. This year once again showed how important a modern system of water drainage at the airport: past winter was very snowy, rain fell so much that even in June in soil moisture unusually large, and the old downspout drainage system can not cope with tap water from the base of runway the runway. This makes it difficult construction work as laying vintage concrete (the top layer of the runway) should be made when the base strip is in a natural state.

Work on the airfield Elizovo began in the spring of 2012. One of the two runways was decommissioned for reconstruction; strip and part of the taxiway demolished for new construction.
After the reconstruction of the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky receive Class A standards for fitness for the aerodrome (NGEA) and IV F under the code designation ICAO. The airport will be able to land aircraft types such as the An-124, Airbus A330, Boeing 767, and, of course, other aircraft lighter class.

The project is expected to complete the reconstruction of the runway with the device objects meteorological equipment, airfield vododrenazhnoy system, power supply facilities, taxiways, apron, airfield fencing and lines, signaling and control. Will also be built sewage treatment plants, highway patrol and basic survival equipment.
Completion of the first phase — the end of 2013.

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