On the remote monasteries of Valaam launched electric power, and the local monastery was given electric

Valaam (Karelia). July 10. Interfax — Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill on Wednesday attended the launching ceremony of electricity on the three islands of the Valaam archipelago.

"Now Balaam, and even remote monasteries provided stable power supply, which means a fundamental change in the conditions of life for the people. Living in the monasteries associated with the feat, and we know that this feat including applies to the physical life of man" — the patriarch said after the ceremony, chaired by the Head of Karelia Alexander Hudilaynen.Po According to the Primate, on the other hand, we all live in the XXI century, and people have real needs related including ensuring household, sanitary queries — "all that is necessary for human life" . current draft, as he said, will help save the environment — no need to build a wind turbine, the structure itself which destroys the ecosystem. This provides the necessary development of the domestic hermitages, "without which it is difficult to talk about the completion of the monks, and the creation of all necessary conditions." "This is a historic event, this is the first such experience" — the patriarch said, noting that the project provides opportunities for the development the entire archipelago as a spiritual pilgrimage center strany.V turn A.Hudilaynen noted that with the thrill of watching how life changes on Valaam. According to him, the project will be evaluated and the public, and the monks of Valaam. "Clearly, this is a big step in improving the quality of life," — said General Director of on.So its part of "Rossetti" Oleg Budargin thanked Patriarch Kirill for the credibility of his company. "A year ago, you have instructed our team to continue to provide power supply for the islands of Valaam archipelago, and to the two by the time the supply of electricity to the islands now added three islands.’s a big step forward," — said on.Po to the head of the company, in a short time, it was designed and installed 28 km of submarine cable, and a lot of support in the implementation of the project has provided the Valaam Monastery headed by namestnikom.O.Budargin said that through the power line can provide a load of 600 kW, despite the fact that the three islands now consume 90 kW. This suggests that the development potential of these islands, electricity consumption "is provided for many, many years." He also stated his intention to develop electric traction on Valaam Valaam monastery and gave seven elektromobiley.Kak the press service of "Rossetti", previously only the power supply of the archipelago is the oldest diesel power station, built in 1950. Liquid fuel was delivered to her by water transport on the quay Monastery Bay, where, in turn, was fed to the station under the main stage mazutoprovodom.V electrification of the archipelago has been remodeled and expanded substation 220 kW Liaskelia (on the mainland in Karelia), built substation 35 kW Balaam (on the island of Valaam), and also laid cables and overhead line 35 kW Liaskelia-Balaam between the mainland and the island. Part of the modern energy infrastructure Balaam also becomes a network of charging stations for electric vehicles.


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