On the right bank of Krasnoyarsk appeared modern trauma center

As told in the press service of the city administration, the erection of a two-storey building of the new trauma center began in 2010. The cost of construction and equipment of a new medical facility amounted to 73 million rubles. Emergency room built in accordance with all the latest health and fire regulations and standards set by such agencies.

 Photo source:ngs.ru

"As far as I know, this trauma center — the best not only in Krasnoyarka, but also in the Siberian Federal District. The same objects we plan to build in the Railway and the Soviet area. Over the past 5 years, we have put in the city after a major repair, construction and reconstruction of 26 major medical institutions. I can say with confidence that as much as is done in the health sector over the past five years, had not been done for decades, " — The head of the city.

The area of new adult trauma center is 1830.5 square meters, which is 6 times greater than the former. The design capacity of institutions — 220 people per shift, the emergency room is designed for non-stop reception of patients. For easy movement of people in the building provided a passenger lift.

 Photo source:ngs.ru

In addition, the emergency room set up office reception center, X-ray rooms, bandages and plaster, a large branch of rehabilitation with physiotherapy, massage and physical therapy. In addition, the emergency room will work minioperatsionnaya, where they will conduct routine operations.

Emergency room is equipped with modern medical equipment, including ultrasound machine to examine the state of ligaments, X-ray machines, built near the children’s trauma center and became part of a single complex trauma. However, the threads adults and children are divorced, that meets modern requirements. Already on November 11, he will begin to take its first patients.

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