On the road Perm-Krasnokamsk installed anti-glare plate

Throughout the road Perm-Krasnokamsk installed anti-glare plate. Plastic blades are made of high-impact resistant polyethylene for German technology. They are flexible, easy to install and easy to operate — the high density of the material and provide a smooth surface self-cleaning effect of the blade.

 Photo source:permkrai.ru

Also this year, these plates are mounted on a section of the Eastern Bypass Perm from 23 to 30 km. This is done in order to ensure the safety of road users. The plates are mounted on the barrier fence on the median strip to prevent glare from the headlights of oncoming vehicles.

The installation of the two plates on the road objects from the regional budget allocated 22 million rubles.

First anti-glare panels were installed on the Southern bypass Perm in August 2010.

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