On the roads of Lipetsk set energy-saving lamps

Boast of the Lipetsk region set "smart lights" to help save energy. This was reported in the press service of the regional admininstratsii.

The newest line of outdoor lighting appeared on the track Lipetsk-dunk and at the entrance to the airport. "Smart lighting" self-adjusting light output depending on traffic. When in the dark for many machines — shine brighter when a little — less. Such lamps in Russia can only be seen in the three regions.

The length of this line of outdoor lighting in the area — 9 km 630 m European technologies have cost 28 million rubles. Another 7 million rubles. It took illumination of the road along the village Nikolsky Usman district. The department of roads and transport area are aiming to support all the regional road network of energy-efficient light fixtures.

Project documentation on the lines of outdoor lighting that will be built in Lebedyansky area (road becomes Troekurovo-Lebedian) in villages and Second Troekurovo Terbuny.


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