On the Russian market began to enter the UAV helicopter type Garnet-VA-200 and VA-Garnet-1000

Ltd. "UVS Avia" begins deliveries to the Russian market complexes intelligence, surveillance and monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) "Garnet-VA-200" and "Pomegranate-VA-1000" vertical take-off and landing with four two-bladed rotor with bearing screws said "AviaPort" said company CEO Vladimir Aghamalyan.

Quadrocopter with marking MD4-200 and MD4-1000 were originally developed and commercially released in a quantity of the order of 1,500 copies in Germany by Microdrones. The Russian company "UVS Air" last year completely bought out by the German rights to manufacture and sell both drones in Russia and the CIS countries. Now, these drones are manufactured and serviced in Russia — Smolensk in the past year, the company launched its plant for this purpose.

Construction drone is made entirely of carbon fiber, which reduces the weight of the flight and provides increased reliability, as well as a shield against electromagnetic interference. Control and stabilization based on the information from the accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers, transducers air pressure, humidity and temperature. Optional GPS receiver is involved in determining the position and autonomous navigation. When the battery is low or there is no signal-enables the safe autonomous landing.

UAV "Garnet-VA-1000" flies almost 1.5 hours with minimal impact, 65 minutes, he flies confidently with a load of 600-700 grams, and the maximum load sostavlyaet1, 2 lbs.

Feature of the complex is to base drones — UAV "Garnet BA-1000" can perform vertical take-off from the area no larger than 5×5 meters with a subsequent transition to level flight. For landing UAV sufficient space no larger than 10×10 m (off-line) and 3×3 m in manual mode.

UAV "Garnet-VA-200" raises the target load of 200 grams and flies 20 minutes.

Now the company has undertaken extensive research on digital data processing software for the payload and communications. These works will be completed by June of this year, added the CEO of the company.

Ltd. "UVS Air" was formed in 2011 in 2012 was organized assembly production UAVs in Smolensk. Existing facilities being build, debugging, maintenance and flight testing of unmanned aerial vehicles "Garnet VA-200" and "Pomegranate BA-1000."

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