On the software Electrochemical Plant (Krasnoyarsk Territory) was put into operation a cascade of centrifuges 9th generation

As part of the work conducted Fuel Company of Rosatom "fuel elements" for the production of fuel for research reactors and fast reactors, in OAO "" Electrochemical Plant "has been successfully put into operation cascade of gas centrifuges 9th generation to produce the enriched uranium product.

The second stage of this work will be the commissioning of the plant produce enriched uranium from uranium oxide. This is a new enterprise for commodity products, which is the raw material for the production of fuels to be used in the above-mentioned types of reactors, and the best-selling among local and foreign consumers.

Commissioning of the receipt of uranium oxide is scheduled for November this year.

It should be noted that the problem of the level of production set in front of "" Electrochemical Plant "leadership Fuel Company" fuel elements "and the State Corporation" Rosatom "and, together with the start of the unit gas centrifuge is one of the main tasks of the company production in 2012.



JSC "Production Association" Electrochemical Plant "(Zelenogorsk), enters the Fuel Company of Rosatom"TVEL"- uranium enrichment plant.

The main product — low-enriched uranium (the isotope 235U), is used to produce fuel for nuclear power plants (NPPs).

Used to enrich uranium gas centrifuges. Gas centrifuge technology is recognized as the most effective methods of industrial uranium enrichment. This same technology makes it possible to obtain stable and radioactive isotopes of various chemical elements on an industrial scale.

JSC "PA" Electrochemical Plant "- one of the four companies separation-sublimation complex Russian nuclear industry, providing the facilities of the nuclear fuel cycle (NFC) of the State Corporation"Rosatom"Energy uranium.

In addition to low-enriched uranium, of "" Electrochemical Plant "produces stable and radioactive isotopes various chemical elements involved storage and processing of depleted uranium hexafluoride (depleted uranium hexafluoride), produces Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen fluoride, and also implements a number of other high-tech goods.

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