On the surface — the Mormons, but in fact sect pedophiles, sadists and perverts hiding behind religious dogma

In a sequence of trials (started in 2007) over the Mormons in the late 2011 ended another. Elder of the sect, 75-year-old Frederick Jessup, was sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of $ 10 thousand — capital punishment under "Pedophilia"

Elder is accused of registering marriages 16 adult men with teenage girls, which makes it an accomplice of child molestation and sexual violence against them. In particular, Jessop carried out an illegal marriage ceremony the head of the sect, 50-year-old Warren Jeffs, a 12-year-old girl.

In addition, he is an old Jessop supermnogozhennym husband, with as much as 22 wives. And his 11 daughters and two granddaughters were also issued to them to marry a minor.

Frederick Jessop — the second person after Warren Jeffs, who led an extensive Mormon sect (from 600 to 1,000 members), calling themselves the "Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" (FLDS), camped on the ranch bought out by frontman near the Texas town of Eldorado.

Ranch "Yearning for Zion" is a self enclosed area where there is no access to outsiders, and until recently neither ordinary Americans nor the authorities had no idea what exactly is going on near by at a law-abiding American — not somewhere nearby, and inside it the most!

Outside, behind the wall, you can see only the top part of the huge temple dominating the entire territory of the ranch. The few who managed to go inside, in particular — Eldorado Mayor John Nikolok, was told that the ranch perfect order reigns. Green lawns and trees neatly trimmed. The temple is surrounded houses in the style of colonial America, intended for the giant — large and mnogozhennyh, families extensive commune.

Women are managed with multiple children or working together in the gardens and orchards, all hand-making. Men are employed in the manufacture of cheese dairies in the domestic cement or cement factory, which is their main source of income. The ranch has a water supply, sewerage, electricity, even television. And a fleet of vehicles — dozens of minibuses.

"I happened to stop off at the ranch on business, — said John Nikolok. — And I could not help but admire the economy, the people here have created. "

Idyll, and only. Alas, this is just a day facade of the sect. This is actually a sectarian den where men — are the real pedophiles, sadists and libertines, hiding behind religious dogma, bullied over women.

Without the hike back would be difficult to understand the essence of today's trial of Frederick Jessop and order in what he is accused of.

Doling out legal definition of "child sexual abuse", "sexual exploitation", "marriages with minors," not even close to reflect the atmosphere that prevailed at blank walls ranch. A Texas law enforcement agencies and, after all of this came to light and the arrests began, expressed doubt that they could rid the terrified women and children from the terror and mayhem generated by their perverted faith.

So, it all started with a call to the Center for victims of domestic violence of Eldorado girls living on the ranch, "Yearning for Zion". She spoke in a whisper, evidently fearing to be heard, and the operator is not able to parse all. But it was not enough to make the Centre became alarmed and raised the alarm.

The caller was 17 years old. She reported that a seventh wife of a "very bad — cruel and evil, man," which already has a child by him and waiting for the second. That her husband often beat her, trying to hit in the chest, not caring about what it is — a nursing mother. That during the beating of his other wives had for her not standing up for fear of being punished. On the contrary, some take away from her child, and the other tightly holding her so she could not dodge or run away. This call despair — her last hope.

Unknown plea for help was handed over to the local police. The prosecutor's office issued an order on the penetration of the ranch and immediate isolation, until the end of the investigation, all juveniles in the community.

"Employees of Department of Family and Guardianship, county and state police, the volunteers came to the gate of the ranch, without knowing in advance what they should wait — later told one of the witnesses. — Do not exclude the possibility of armed resistance from the inhabitants of the ranch. Fears that the attempt to take the children can turn into a real battle, intensified after the sect members have flatly refused to let arrived on their territory … The confrontation lasted for several days. Finally, the police force with the ram got inside. "

The evacuation of more than 400 children and adolescents under the age of 18 years did not last one day. They voluntarily joined about 200 women. Even after the girls were taken, a medical examination revealed that most of them were pregnant, others — not for the first time.

"The fact that we found on the ranch, can be called a systematic practice in which girls do not even reached puberty, is preparing to enter into intimate relationships with older men, calling it a" spiritual marriage "- testified to one of the employees of the Family and care.

Photo: Frederick Jessop

For women in the sect in early childhood were treated worse than animals. They are not educated, do not develop anything other than manual labor and blind obedience to man, not taught. Employees of the department of custody were shocked after talking to them. Many could not give his name and his age, and did not even know who their mother. The only measure of education was physical punishment. "The children were beaten so violently that some broken bones, — said in court. — For any fault them for hours in the dark kept locked cabinets, starved. "

It's not even a harem. This cruel, inhuman slavery. Girls inspired panic fear of the outside world on the other side of the fence, so rarely one of them showed a desire to escape.

After some time, according to the court, women and children returned to their families. A part of the men from the ranch was arrested.

Against the sect leader, Jeffs, in the spring of 2006 was charged with child molestation and abetting a person fastening illegal marriage that made him a fugitive. He was wanted for several years and was one of the most dangerous criminals in the list of the FBI. For information about it has been declared a reward of $ 100,000. In the end, Jeffs was arrested and put on trial. Guilt for him he did not recognize, saying that acted in strict accordance with their faith.

Initially, Warren Jeffs was convicted only for 5 years — for his involvement in corruption of 14-year-old girl, issued to them married one of the members of the sect. Then, while in custody for the first time Jeffs attempted suicide.

However, the investigation revealed that Jeffs not only led his sect, but it was the most active member on the part of the sexual exploitation of minors — a large proportion of children and adolescents at the ranch bore his name. And on August 9th of this year already, after reviewing the case, 55-year-old Warren Jeffs, the president and the bishop of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the court, the city of San Angelo, Texas, was handed a new sentence: life imprisonment with parole no earlier than 45 years (ie, in the 100 years of age). Jeffs was found guilty of sexual abuse of underage girls sect — 12 and 15 years, and the other girl had already give birth to his child.

His guilt in court Jeffs never acknowledged, saying he was a victim of "religious persecution," and announced a protest hunger strike that lasted several weeks. You have to understand the hunger strike he undertook a second attempt to get away from life. Sectarian was urgently taken to the hospital in Texas in a state of extreme exhaustion. Doctors were forced to put it into an artificial coma.

After the completion of the trial of Warren Jeffs has four Mormon were taken into custody — among them 75-year-old Frederick Jessop. Evidence against the latter gave one of his numerous wives named Carolyn. She married him at 18. And in 2003 fled from the sect with their eight children out of fear that her 13-year-old daughter be married. At trial, Carolyn talked about the very real atrocities of her husband, who mocked even over a baby, arranging him a spanking or holding it under cold running water.

The woman confirmed that the sect led a very secluded life, almost no one talking. That marriage with the youngsters they have — business as usual. That of the 53 girls 14-17 years old, living on the ranch, 32 already have children.

Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), which was headed by "president" and "bishop" Jeffs — it's not only the ranch "Yearning for Zion", the thousands of parishioners who live in Texas, Utah and Arizona. And the first trials were not Jeffs in Texas, and Utah. Frederick Jessop for many years was, like Jeffs, FLDS bishop and elder of the church (sect) and was considered as the second candidate for the presidency after Jeffs.

So what is the FLDS and what's Zion. Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints originated in the 30s of the XIX century. Its founder was Joseph Smith, declaring that he is the owner of the sacred "Book of Mormon" tells the story of migration to North America from Jerusalem of an ancient, extinct later than the people (iaredityan), who participated in the construction of another tower of Babel. In the "Book of Mormon" ostensibly describes the process of resettlement of the fugitives, as well as the phenomenon of the Risen Christ in South America, who has given the Mormons and the sacrament of baptism, where polygamy — the basis of faith.

Gold plate of the holy book remained hidden in the earth 1,400 years. And Joseph Smith, they were allegedly found and translated into English. That's just his work, researchers argue that no it is not a translation but a fake.

Not all the Mormons were in agreement with the necessity of polygamy, and in America that they feature was received very negatively. And in 1890 the then president of the FLDS Wilford Woodruff declared that "after much prayer on him had a revelation about the abolition of this practice."

After that polygamy among Mormons were canceled, and all dissenters excommunicated and banished from her.

These dissenters, a breakaway from the pack, and declared themselves Mormon fundamentalists (ie, true Mormons) by creating their own independent organizations, the largest of which was the fundamentalist and the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), is based on a ranch in Texas.

Initially, the prime rate was at Hildeyl FLDS in Utah, with offices in Colorado City (Arizona) and Bountiful (British Columbia in Canada). Because of the rejection of the locals of polygamy in 2004, the entire community was forced to leave Utah and move to Texas — on the ranch, "Yearning for Zion".

The ceremony of the "heavenly marriage", called "tight", was carried out in violation of the laws of America there on the ranch, in the Mormon church. Age of the bride started already with 12 years. Every member of the sect of the next girl just hands it to the bishop — in accordance with the "divine revelation." He can and pass it on from man to man on your own.

FLDS church believes polygamy is the main way to reach the kingdom of heaven. The more men and women on the ground the more he will grow up children, the higher the position it will take in the next world …

With men it seems to be clear. Please enjoy on Earth, then — honor in heaven. And what God rewards women for their labors and suffering?


Mormons make us special interest in connection with the personality of Mitt Romney — U.S. presidential candidate for the Republican, who is an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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