On the teachings of the Interior Ministry has attracted the attention of the BMP-2M Berezhok


At a 2 to 4 September 2012 in the Rostov Region International joint strategic exercises of the CIS "Don-Anti-Terror 2012", which were brought Russian Interior Ministry troops.



Among other things, demonstrated an upgraded infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2M, equipped weapon system "Berezhok" the development and production of Tula "Instrument Design Bureau" (CPP). This writes the Russian newspaper "The military informant".


Demonstrated a prototype sample belonging to the PCU and was taken to the teachings, apparently, for promotional purposes.


  • BMP-2M
  • BMP-2M



Modernization of the car, held SUE "Instrument Design Bureau" made it possible, according to the developers, to increase its firepower compared to the base model of 3-4.

 The upgraded BMP-2 did not go unnoticed countries exploit the original version of the BMP. The machine was demonstrated to representatives of the armed forces of India and received their approval.

 The first export contract for the modernization of 300 BMP-2 to BMP-2M "Berezhok" was signed with Algeria in 2005.



  • The weapon
  • The weapon



BMP-2M "Berezhok" vsesutochnoy has an automated fire control system (FCS) with automatic accompaniment, which has been aligned with the previously developed complex "Bakhcha."


Armament consists of BMP:

  • anti-tank guided missiles, "Cornet" with an effective range of 5 km. with the ability to use both day and night time silnobronirovannym goals
  • The 30-mm cannon to deal with lightly armored vehicles and infantry
  • automatic grenade launcher AG-17 to work on the areas — a living force and the enemy trenches


The complex is equipped with the new MSA allows BMPs to address the full range of tasks that are assigned to the heavier combat vehicles (fixed tanks) at any time of day.

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