On the territory of the district is created Akhtoubinsky oil


The protocol of intent in this regard was signed on July 5 Akhtoubinsky head of the Victoria Vedischeva and general manager of "Astrakhan-Oil" Leonid Orlov. The signing ceremony was held in the stowed mode — on one of two possible sites for construction of the plant, 18 kilometers from the village of Camel. On the eve of the corresponding agreement was signed at the regional level — between Leonid Orlov and the Governor of Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkinym.

About 140 million dollars (about 4 billion rubles.) — This, then, to the head of LLC "Astrakhan-Oil", the volume of investments of the company in the development of the oil industry in the Astrakhan region. Construction of the refinery in Ahtubinsk area — another major infrastructure project in a phased development of the industry in the region. 

The meeting with the District of Petroleum held on Verblyuzhenskom oil field (border Harabalinskogo and Akhtoubinsky districts) in the well at number 13. Here on June 15 started the commercial production of oil. Two other wells drilled — in the process of preparation, the second should earn in a week, and the third — in two to three weeks, said the head of the district CTO "Astrakhan-Oil" Eldar Sultan-Zade. The daily volume of "black gold" from one well — 33-35 tons. Thus, the total daily production from the field in the first phase — from three wells — should be about 100 tons. This is the first phase of development Verblyuzhenskogo field, explained oil, its further development with drilling new wells will go towards the construction of the marked area refinery. In the meantime, oil "on wheels" is delivered for processing in other regions.

Talking about the process of production, technical director of the district chapter has demonstrated properties verblyuzhenskoy oil, turning the capsule with a hydrocarbon: oil at temperatures of 35 degrees Celsius almost changed the configuration was quite viscous.

This is quite an expected response, explained the expert, as there are a large number of hydrocarbon wax. The equipment used in the extraction of oil from a depth of 1,600 meters, includes this feature at a depth of 900 meters a so-called heating cable with which decreases the viscosity of the hydrocarbon and it is delivered to the surface.

Here, the site of the first well drilling, Leonid Orlov, head of the district presented a symbolic sign company — design glass drop with a prisoner inside the "black gold" and thanked the district for effective cooperation.

The decision to build such a plant is in Ahtubinsk area is not accidental, says Leonid Orlov. It is here that focused intellectual resources necessary for the organization of this kind of production. A role in determining the position of production space has played such a factor as the ability to quickly and correctly the District to solve tasks, in particular, those who stood on the stage of exploration, pre-approvals, documentation.

— We have seen how you work, these methods are consistent with the organization of work according to international standards. We like it, so I will not deny, and urged our partners and field guide to the plant was built in the Ahtubinsk area — says Leonid Orlov.

In turn, the head of the district assured the head of the company "Astrakhan-Oil" that will continue to provide all necessary support and assistance in the implementation of the strategic development of the project area.

The manual oil company expects that the construction of the refinery will begin early next year.

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