On the territory of the Kirov factory opened a new shop

Due to the large volume of orders of "ENERGY-STAR" has opened a new shop in the territory of JSC "Kirov Plant" (St. Petersburg), where is the entire office and production facility of the company.

Of "ENERGY STAR-" provides a full range of services for the production, supply and construction of autonomous power on the basis of diesel, gas engine and gas turbine engines for the oil and gas industry, large industrial companies, utilities and infrastructure. The new shop with a total area of 4500 m? required for the expansion of blank area, which is part of the production of steel companies. At this production are containers, each of which has high strength and rigidity, long life, reliable and durable thermal insulation systems, ventilation and noise insulation, sound, user-friendly heating system and lighting, fire safety and a high level of automation. In conditions of low or high temperatures due to the container to maintain a normal temperature mode power station, which guarantees starting and smooth operation of additional equipment, which she completed.

In addition to providing temperature mode, the container provides a high mobility and operating safety autonomous source of electrical energy and prolongs the life of the equipment.

Today, the total area of the industrial complex "-ENERGY STAR" of 18,000 m², all manufactured by the company products meet the highest industry requirements, as evidenced by certificates and licenses for all types of work performed. According to the rating of the newspaper "Kommersant" (June 2011) "The largest public companies North-West" of "ENERGY-STAR" occupies the fifth position in the engineering industry.

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