On the Tobolsk-Polymer completed the installation of the equipment dehydrogenation of propane

Tobolsk, 25.11.2011g.

We continue to monitor the construction of Russia’s largest polypropylene production complex, which will allow the RF input refuse to import this polymer.
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Company — SIBUR
Investment in the project — 64 billion rubles
Power Complex — 500,000 tons of polypropylene per year
Commissioning — 2013

At the construction site "Tobolsk-Polymer" completed delivery and installation of oversized and heavy equipment dehydrogenation of propane.
Total in September — November 2011 was installed 40 units of oversized and heavy equipment, including tower and heat exchangers, tanks, reactors, Modules continuous catalyst regeneration. The heaviest unit installed under the program — the module cooling system — weighs 282 tons.

The greatest challenge was assembling a continuous catalyst regeneration unit, consisting of 6 modules weighing over 700 tons, the length of the marker module unit was 53 meters. Installation took place in difficult weather conditions at a temperature of minus 15-18 degrees. For lifting equipment used two cranes LIEBHERR load of 350 and 750 tons.

Equipment for complex dehydrogenation of propane was manufactured at facilities in Korea and the European Union and delivered in Tobolsk road and rail, and sea through the Archangel and St. Petersburg, then — on the Northern Sea Route, the rivers Ob and Irtysh to the industrial port of Tobolsk.

Most large-scale operation for the delivery and installation of equipment under the "Tobolsk-Polymer" is the transportation and installation of the column separation of propane-propylene fraction height of 96 meters and a weight of 1,095 tons, carried out in September — November 2010. In its complexity involved and the technical and human resources, it is unique in the world and Russian petrochemical industry.

The status of the implementation of the project (As of 31.12.2011)

The dehydrogenation of propane:

Design — 100%

Acquisition of equipment and materials — 99.3%

Construction and installation work — 52.1%

Production of polypropylene:

Design — 100%

Acquisition of equipment and materials — 99.8%

Construction and installation work — 44.9%

Other facilities:

Design — 100%

Acquisition of equipment and materials — 94.3%

Construction and installation work — 81.8%


The complex intended for the production of polypropylene in the production of a final product branded polypropylene wide range of high quality which can be used to produce various products in Russia and abroad.

The complex includes two main production:

— production of dehydrogenation of propane;

— production of polypropylene.

The complex also includes other facilities that provide essential energy production, process monitoring, provide for the possibility of providing operational staff meals, medical care, etc.

Raw materials for the company (propane) will be shipped to Central gas fractionation plant owned by SLR "Neftehim" and located at the site of SLR "Neftehim."

-TSGFU receives raw materials (natural gas liquids) via the product with Belozerny, Nizhnevartovsk and South Balyksky GPP.

-Propane is fed to the dehydrogenation of propane to produce propylene.

-Propylene is fed to the polymerization apparatus for the production of polypropylene.

-The company will use much of the existing infrastructure, "Tobolsk-Neftehim."

-Delivery polypropylene suppliers of the internal market will be carried by road and w / e transport (~ 200 thousand tons per year) and for export (~ 300 thousand tons per year).

Thus, this project will complete industrial chain of associated petroleum gas in chemical products within the manufacturing facility, which is owned and controlled by OJSC "SIBUR Holding".

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