On the Tobolsk-Polymer successfully tested polypropylene packaging line

November 25, as a continuation of commissioning work at the "Tobolsk-Polymer" conducted successful test operations on the production line packing of polypropylene. For testing we used polypropylene pellets made to "Tomskneftekhim" — SIBUR’s production site in the Tomsk region.

In accordance with the project at all, "Tobolsk-Polymer" will be two filling lines, each of which consists of machines for packaging, PP pellets, transportation systems sacks of 25 kg and automatic equipment for stacking packaged products on wooden pallets (pallets).

"Tobolsk-Polymer" will be one of the world’s largest complexes for the production of polypropylene. The complex consists of two units: the production of propylene by propane dehydrogenation design capacity of 510 thousand tons of polypropylene and a design capacity of 500 thousand tons a year.

After the commissioning of the new complex Russia can turn from an importer to an exporter of basic grades of polypropylene, solving the problem of an important state for utilization of associated petroleum gas and deep processing of hydrocarbon raw materials in Russia.

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