On the towing vessel Seliger raised Andrew’s flag!

December 25 at a ceremony Temruk lift Navy flag on the towing vessel "Seliger". The lead ship of the project 11982 became part of the Black Sea Fleet.

Towing vessel project 11982 "Seliger" (serial number 01601) was laid down in Kaliningrad on the Baltic Shipyard "Yantar" July 8, 2009 by order of the Main Directorate of deep-sea research (Googie) MO.

The launching took place on July 29, 2011. After completing the first stage of the Baltic sea trials, "Seliger" this summer made the transition on inland waterways in the Port Temryuk on the Azov Sea. In early September, the towing vessel beginning of the second phase of sea trials, and from 17 to 27 November has successfully passed the state tests.

Towing vessel of 11982 is designed to test new equipment, including manned submersibles, acoustic engineering, as well as for research and strata of the ocean floor. The project was developed by the Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz".


Displacement: about 1,120 tons

Main dimensions: length — 59.7 m, width — 10.8 m

Maximum speed: 13 knots

Range: 1,000 miles.

Crew — 16 people and 9 members of the expedition.

"Seliger" was the third ship passed shipbuilders Shipyard "Yantar" customers this year — earlier were transferred to the Indian Navy frigates of Project 11356 «Teg» and «Tarkash».

Photo grozdoff, havron and snake from the site airbase.ru (Clickable)

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