On the Troitsk GRES began assembling a turbine equipment unit number 10

At the construction site of JSC "OGK-2" — Troitsk GRES (Chelyabinsk Region) began the first phase of installation of turbine equipment unit number 10 — the installation of the turbine condenser.

According to the company, the capacitor weighing more than 770 tons designed to cool exhaust steam. The next milestone will be the installation of turbine capacity of 660 MW.

Also on construction site was completed device monolithic concrete body circulation pump station, which will supply water for their own use of power. The installation of the boiler equipment: boiler heating surfaces, regenerative air and roller mills.

Close the heating circuit of the main building and ABA builders plan in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Recall the construction of the unique Russian coal for power generating capacity is 660 MW power plant at the site of Trinity under the contract for supply of power (PDM).

Work on the construction of the main objects of the CSP-660 began in September 2011. Entering the unit to be commissioned in December 2014.

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