On the Ukrainian AtomEnergoMash released the second batch of components TVSA

Mechanical Repair Plant OP "Atomenergomash", part of the NAEC "Energoatom" produced and sent to the Russian second batch of accessories — 42 sets of shanks and heads — for the manufacture of fuel assemblies for the type of TVSA Ukrainian nuclear power plants, reported April 24 in NAEC "Energoatom . "

The first batch — 55 heads — in February of this year, has successfully passed the inspection test at one of the factories of the Russian Fuel Company "fuel elements" and has already been adopted in the assembly.

It is planned that in August of fuel assemblies with Ukrainian accessories will go to Ukraine. The first such game will overload the South Ukrainian nuclear power plants. On the basis of the tool shop of this particular nuclear power plant in 2004 was formed repair-mechanical plant.

Series production shanks and heads TVSA for VVER-1000 reactors at the plant began in April 2012. By the time the qualifying tests were performed experimental batch of components and production capacity of the plant as a whole. For the first year it was produced 102 sets of these products in the current year is planned to produce 350 sets, and in 2014 — to reach a level of production which will fully meet the needs of Ukrainian nuclear power plants in this type of products.

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