On the Uralvagonzavod developed new fire trucks

Based on the chassis of a light tank company designers have created the so-called forest fires unit.

He does not scare any off-road or forest windbreak. Front — the wedge-pusher, transcending the rubble, in the back — plow for plowing guard band. On board — water tanks, pumps, equipment for filling backpack extinguishers. On the roof — CCTV (crew can assess the situation without leaving the cab).

The unit wins ground fire, put barrage mineralized strips.

We are currently negotiating with the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the bulk purchase of new equipment. If it goes smoothly, the Uralvagonzavod ready to put into action the fires even more powerful weapon — the unit on the chassis of a heavy tank.

If negotiations are successful with the rescuers, the "Uralvagonzavod" long обеспечитзагрузкумеханосборочного production.

However, today the case for "clapboard" adjusted.

— Backlog formed until 2014 — said General Director Oleg Sienko. — Developing new kinds. This is the first mobile drilling rigs for the oil and gas industry.

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