On the virtues of the European Union, the horrors of Communism and of the river navigation

In our complex, controversial life, intertwined, at times, are completely unexpected events and the removal of something one lying, it would seem, in a distant plane, involves damage to a chain of other entities and processes.

That’s what seemed to be the connection between such things as economic and industrial policy of the European Union and the ticket prices of river cruises in Russia, that is, on river boats cruising the Volga and Oka? And what could be a connection of all this with the level of unemployment in Polish, Slovak and Hungarian cities, in the present moment?

A connection, oddly enough, a direct and immediate!

  • ship Kutuzov
  • ship Kutuzov

The fact is that today the price of river cruises in Russia have reached such heights that it is cheaper to go abroad than to ride on the home space, it has a lot of different reasons, but one of them, and quite compelling, is the fact that after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the CMEA system, shipyards, where the Soviet Union placed the orders for the construction of river vessels have remained in the former Socialist countries. block, and then these shipyards, together with the economies of these countries have come under "guardianship" European Union, and it is them quickly swatted — more precisely, ruined, and all orders and all of the production of "dragged" to the shipyard in Germany, and now the industrial sector in Germany (yet) in the chocolate, and former employees of Eastern European shipyards curse the day when their country joined the European Union, and at the same time and the hour when the fallen famous "Iron Curtain".  

In the postwar period, when there was an active recovery of the economy of the USSR and Eastern Europe after the devastation produced by the campaign to the East "evrointegratorov" Hitler filling in Moscow sought to develop a scheme of international industrial cooperation, which would rapidly and efficiently develop our whole vast region of the world, and these plans have been implemented, did, in fact almost all the time, while the Soviet Union existed, the rate of economic growth in the Soviet Union and much of Eastern Europe were higher (sometimes twice) than in the U.S. or England.

For the states of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland and Bulgaria, with the most Stalinist era, created special, and, in fact, a privileged environment in the division of labor, which is why it is so profitable orders as the construction of river vessels, Moscow’s located in the shipyards of Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, and East Germany, too. The Kremlin gave large loans for the modernization of these plants, assisted technology, raw materials, and all the rest, although such ships could be built in our country, but to raise the level of economic growth and material prosperity of the fraternal republics, the privileged orders placed on their yards.

In fact, ship — one of the historical economic and industrial niches Russia in the international division of labor. Ever since the ancient Rus’ was a success in the technology of ship construction, and in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in our shipyards there were new, revolutionary technological solutions for ships, ships and then, in advance of the western development (especially the significant achievements of engineering thought Kolomna Plant of Nizhny Novgorod and shipyards).

When now we are trying to drum into the heads of the idea that Russia and the Soviet Union had the technological lag behind the West, the lie, and lie brazenly, because in fact, the West and Russia were simply different niches in which she and the other side had the lead. A shipbuilding and was our niche, and very successful, including those working for export. For example, the Soviet Union had developed hydrofoils (which are not produced in the West, and even a country like the Netherlands, has purchased the vessels in the USSR).

If we talk about the production of engineering products such as consumer goods passenger cars, the west a little ahead of us in this particular niche, but in the field of shipbuilding, we have always had a strong position, and our production was modern, sometimes a breakthrough. By the way, the availability of private cars in the Soviet Union lagged slightly from the west, but the security of the individual river transport had the largest coverage in the country. In the city where I was born, that is, in Astrakhan, then the car was not everyone, but with the motor boat was among many, and through multiple channels and channels, penetrating the city and the region, it can be reached with the breeze. Russia, historically — River civilization, much of it should be.

In the Soviet Union developed a variety of types of shipbuilding, naval vessels had a lot of technical advantages to the West, in our country created the unique types of submarines, and civilian cargo ships also went the stocks in a large quantity and good quality, but some of the commercial shipbuilding has been entrusted to the fraternal countries of Eastern Europe.

The plants also run directly on the territory of the USSR, had to bear the burden imposed on us "arms race" and therefore a large part of shipbuilding production was intended for military sphere, as in the west to have "peace-loving" eye looked enlightened world "democratic" countries , led by Washington, in which, one by one, there were plans for nuclear bombing of the Soviet Union, more and more detailed, well-developed plans.

At some point, the so-called "cold war" Strategic Air Command U.S. Air Force embarked on a permanent operation "Chrome Dome» (Chrome Dome), under which, in the air constantly on strategic bombers carrying nuclear weapons, and ready at any moment , to change course and strike at a pre-determined targets on the territory of the USSR. Such patrols allow, in case of war, do not spend the time to prepare the aircraft for take-off and significantly reduced its way to the goal. That is, only give the order — to make Moscow a hodgepodge of blood.

Nothing like the Soviet Union did not make and was not going to do. Americans every day raised their bombers in the air and this has led to a number of disasters in which nuclear bombs were lost. Once this has happened in the skies over Spain (above the municipality called Palomares), it happened January 17, 1966, when an American bomber B-52 thermonuclear weapons on board collided with a KC-135 tanker while refueling in flight. As a result of the disaster were lost four thermonuclear bombs. Three of them were found immediately, the fourth — only after two months of searching. Only after this dangerous flights over Europe was suspended, but continued other vile provocation and preparation for nuclear war.

The Soviet Union did not threaten America, had no explicit or secret plans to attack (now all the files opened, but nothing incriminating was found), and this in the U.S., of course, knew, and only at the end of the sixties, when Brezhnev was in power , the Soviet Union and even more so was the most "vegan power" truly pacifist, every person that, by the secretary general to a locksmith, he repeated one thing: "If only there was no war," but Americans will develop plans for a nuclear strike, and be sure to hit, ring would be the slightest chance to go unpunished. Because the construction of the navy, all of these cruisers and submarines was the survival of our country were and human civilization, because the ring Americans unleashed a nuclear war, there is little to no one seemed the more America has already had experience of the nuclear
bombing of civilian towns.

The main part of the same passenger fleet of the USSR, for the river basins of the European part of the country, was built in the shipyards of Czechoslovakia, Poland, East Germany and Hungary, the reason for that was also a geographical, or rather basin connectivity Volga, Don, Dnieper and other rivers of the Central part of the country, with a pool of the Danube (via the Volga-Don and the Azov-Black Sea basin), and the Baltic Sea (through the Volga-Baltic system). After the construction of canals, almost all the rivers in Eastern Europe were tied in a single transport system, and this is an even greater extent, justified the existence of the integration of the CMEA system, led by the Soviet Union. Strictly speaking, we have massively built passenger ships, for swimming pools had no direct contact with the system (or rather which had this relationship only through the Arctic Ocean), but exactly the same court, which were built in Czechoslovakia, Hungary and East Germany, and produced in Tyumen (for the Ob-Irtysh Shipping Company), Ust-Kut (for Lena Shipping Company) in Sretensky (for the Amur Shipping Company).

In principle, passenger ships for the Volga-Don Shipping Company could well massively built and Verviers Moscow, Gorky, Yaroslavl, and the ships built there, but the Kremlin has spent his strategic course, an important part of which was to provide our Eastern European neighbors prestigious and profitable activity because the most "tasty" orders battered them. Eastern European city that housed the shipyard, where the Soviet Union placed the orders for the construction of ships, literally flourished!

In Gdansk, Poland and Slovakia Komarno, about those times remembered with nostalgia, because as soon as the "freedom and European integration" stepped on land in Eastern Europe, so people were given the privilege and have given an important opportunity — to scold Moscow, the Soviet past, Russia, all over the world, revile and curse the Communist socialism, but giving this wonderful opportunity, "freedom and European integration" granted as a makeweight, and even monstrous unemployment, increased drug abuse and suicide, a sharp increase in mental and cardiovascular disorders, the sharp decline in the birth rate, the extinction of the population, and more and more economies of Eastern Europe moved to the collapse came, and by now, to the line pre-default state.

The fact that this picture is also because the countries of Eastern Europe, it is easy to succumb to the anti-Soviet propaganda and Russophobe, and who came from "Empire of Moscow" in "Empire of the European Union", thought that after this transition, all the good that was in the realities of Moscow empire, of course, will appear in the new system, subordinate to Brussels and Frankfurt structures, but will be more and more wealth, freedom and all the gingerbread. But in reality, it happened the other way around, the West only bankrupted the Republic Eastern Europe, put them on his knees, turned the inhabitants into a cheap labor force, many Eastern European girls forced to become prostitutes in the countries of "old Europe", distorted, mangled old traditions and a long time the established order, made Eastern Europe territory demographic extinction and social disaster … and yet in the contours of "Empire of Moscow" these territories had a privileged status enjoyed preferential treatment, do not know unemployment, received favorable orders, their businesses are always loaded, life was in full swing, kids were born, had confidence in the future and social security.

For example, a small Slovak town — Komarno (which was located one of the shipyards, where the USSR to place orders), was proud that produces the largest river boats in the world! Can you remember this type of vessels, it bore the name "Valerian Kuibyshev"? Oh, how much fun I had in childhood, when a handsome giant Astrakhan Seventeenth approached the pier, the music was playing on the boat, get a ticket for it was not easy, although prices were low.

In Soviet times, was the anecdote about the fact that Czechoslovakia is no sea, and the Admiralty is! And then the sea-coast in Bratislava and Komarno, really, was not, and there was only a small section of the Danube, but the realities of the CMEA allowed Czechoslovakia to have great features and communication with the seas. When it came the "democracy and freedom", has suffered even Danube, because for some time it was not available for the transit of shipping: after the barbaric bombing, after the outrage generated over Yugoslavia in 1999, the channel of the Danube, more than two years, was littered with debris bridges and other civil structures destroyed during the "humanitarian bombing".

Yeah, a lot of things brought with them "freedom and democracy", and that’s shipyards in Komarno, in Gdansk, Budapest and other cities caught up in the so-called European Union, have suddenly become ruined as someone’s nest, and the people that is, workers and experts of these companies have become unemployed, their children have moved to work in Western Europe, on the rights of second-class citizens. And then clearly see the difference of the "imperial paradigm" of Moscow, on the one hand, and Germany, and the West in general, on the other. Imperial, Russian integration projects, even though the Soviet, even Tsarist always pursued the main purpose of only one thing — security (both their own and continental security, because of that, at all times when the dominant Moscow, was no war, no war, Moscow not only ventured, she made every effort to eliminate their ability, in contrast to Germany, or England), and in economic terms, Russia has always been a donor of development "suburbs", has always been a prime mover, sometimes putting more resources into those areas that are now called former colonies Russia and the USSR, vbuhivayut in them, developing these areas, sometimes to the detriment of vnturirossiyskim areas.

The German approach, like the English, as well as Western European in general, assumed an opposite concept of the relationship to the colonies, because the British (the most), but the Germans, too, sought to draw out, suck out all the juice to conquer the territories, he borrowed from their wealth, to weaken and put them in a subordinate and dependent position. So at this stage, Germany, since the early nineties, has created a system of "dragging on" the economic blankets, sucking all the juice out of the economic periphery (and in an aging Europe, they remained something not so many of these juices), in fact carried a colonial model of economic expansion, except that fitted to the standards of this century, rampant imitation. Grandchildren Nazi soldiers behave as they appear correct and profitable.

Unlike the Soviet Union of today’s European Union, crucially, it consists in the fact that the USSR was a structure directing resources centrifugal, that is, to keep around the system of satellites, he worked hard and tried to give more than to take, to ensure the growth of living standards , growth of the economy, sometimes to its detriment, because of that internal Russian regions were developed worse. And the current European Union, as well as its conceptual predecessor — Hitler’s Reich arranged qualitatively different, because their essence is, that he borrowed, to profit from the "conquer the territories," that is, the resources directed centripetal.

But while in the forties, the Germans looted rude and obviously, they are now forced to use cunning simulation scheme. But the essence of something, the essence remains the same! As soon as the same as Poland and Slovakia entered the so-called European Union, their famous, first, shipbuilding quite skorenko have declined (and in fact, before the Soviet Union so much energy, so many resources spent on it to
secure the booking for the construction of ships, and Slovakian plant in Komarno, and Polish shipyard in Gdansk, Hungarian factories in Budapest). But now the Germans were strangled and these businesses and many others, and orders for ships lured to her. Is it any wonder, after all this, that he did not weaken, but only growing onslaught of aggressive Russophobian propaganda can no longer be as effective "brainwash" people of the Eastern European countries, and even in Poland, that is, even in the most seemingly "cool minded ‘, in relation to the Russian territory, now more than a third of the population pro-Russian, remember the socialist period as a time of prosperity and want to end the current political pandemonium, and the number of such people is rising. What can we say about Slovakia, which in the early nineties, it is not very eager to believe Russophobian aggressive propaganda and brainwashing, Slovakia, many fondly remember the Soviet period, and even people who are in the leadership of the Republic and the Prime Minister himself says, that time, the dominance of Moscow does not compare with the current outrage.

The countries of Eastern Europe are now almost in the devastated state, on the verge of default (and some, like Serbia, and literally bombed), but approaching an even bigger shake-up, which is likely to entail the collapse of the so-called European Union, more increasingly losing ground for its existence, becoming a curse for the Eastern and Southern Europe. I hope everything will be back to square one, again, Russia will be able to collect under his wing longtime neighbors and former allies, to reconnect industrial cooperation, again a similarity CMEA eliminate ridiculous barriers that separate us from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries that we once freed from Hitler’s "European integration."

Figuratively speaking, we can say that we need to completely clear the channel of the Danube from the wreckage of "humanitarian bombing", although many of these fragments, and, most of all, in the final phase of this ridiculous agony and aggressive adventures, which began in 1989, the debris will be even more because the West has now gone destroy the economy of the peripheral countries, but what can you do all this it is necessary to find a positive side, one of them may be, for example, that the current process is becoming more and more open the eyes of many people, even the illusion of a recent What about "charms and possibilities of liberal capitalism and Western democracy," many people in the same Czech Republic, recently were antisovetchkami, is now compared with the previous period unclean realities of the present day, and the comparison is not coming out in favor of the "United Europe" and American "values" .

That’s it, little by little, and all returned to their seats, people begin to see more and more looking to the side with the hope of Russia, and towards the Soviet past with respect, because any normal sane person understands now the bitter truth that the exchange calm, happy life , security, confidence in the future, security and economic aid to the present (which provided the Soviet Union), the right to criticize the Communists hold gay parades and suffer from unemployment, becoming migrant workers (which gives the current European Union) — did not amount does not need such an exchange and only a minority of all that’s nice. The right to criticize Russian and Soviet history does not compensate for unemployment, extinction, drug addiction and the destruction of the industry. But there is something even the most difficult moment — the collapse of the debt pyramid and the most severe of sobering up, must pass through Eastern Europe, and not only she, in front of a sort of early spring and forty-five. However, after the early spring always comes in May, and then the summer, and it was in nineteen forty-five, so it will be now.

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