On the Volkhov aluminum factory completed the modernization of production

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December 1. Rusal announced the completion of the modernization of the foundry department Volkhov Aluminum Plant (VAZ) and an increase in production in the framework of his conversion. The investment amounted to $ 3 million

The WHA completed installation of new equipment in the foundry sector, which will enable the plant to move to large-scale production of alloys and increase the production capacity of the factory casting up to 32 thousand tons per year from the current 24 tons The proportion of alloy in the production volume of the plant will increase to 96% . The main consumers will be the engineering alloys and aviation industries. In addition, the plant will be put in issue A356.2 alloy for the production of wheels.

The first production upgraded metallurgical complex at the plant will release December 31, 2011, on the eve of the anniversary of the company. WHA — the oldest aluminum smelter in Russia, which in 2012 g.ispolnitsya 80 years, which actually means the anniversary of Russian aluminum industry.

Upgraded metallurgical complex consists of an electric mixer capacity of 20 tons of aluminum with a stirrer for making alloys; conveyor chushkoukladchikom for small ingots, filtration plant, mobile plant for degassing and fluxing alloys and automatic control foundry complex.

Director of the aluminum division of the West Rusal Alex Arnaut said: "We are pursuing a program conversion capacity aluminum division West. Symbolically, the WHA, the firstborn of the aluminum industry in Russia, is the first of the plants Rusal, which we fully translate into the production of alloys in the framework of this program. We are pleased that the 80th anniversary of VAZ got new perspectives for further development. We are currently in negotiations with a number of well-known companies to organize in Volhove production of parts for motor vehicles, which will be used alloys produced by VAZ. "

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