On the Wagon was taken out of the boathouse second half of the barge

April 29, 2013, at the Vyborg Shipyard was taken out of the boathouse second half of the semi-submersible barge, built by the shipyard for their own needs.

Recall the construction of boats was carried out in the shortest possible time is the next step in a large-scale program of modernization of the shipyard.


The barge is designed for year-round and round the clock operation. In its construction were used specific grades which allow flotation device to operate in ice.

Enter barge into operation will improve the technology of construction orders with a decrease in cost and time performance, as well as alleviate some of the infrastructure constraints on the maximum width of the shipyards that build ships. The barge is designed for launching the hulls of ships, rolling hull structures weighing up to 5,000 tons and carrying out transport operations on the transfer of goods outside the area of Vyborg Shipyard. In addition, on the deck of the barge will be assembling buildings and launching under construction at the shipyard icebreakers.

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