On the way to the North Pole opened a new island

The expedition aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker "Russia", the following changes to the Arctic drifting station, has found a new island in the archipelago of Franz Josef Land. Thus, the number of islands has increased to 192.

Back in 2006, the captain of the nuclear icebreaker "Yamal" Stanislav Rumyantsev said that the elements has eroded the isthmus between the western and eastern part of the island of Northbrook. But then confirm the hypothesis is not possible because of the weather. "We are now convinced that formed a new Strait, and in the Arctic in the structure of the archipelago of Franz Josef Land, a new island," — said the head of the expedition "Arktika-2012" Vladimir Sokolov.Gruppa professionals from a helicopter surveyed the island of Northbrook. In addition to measuring the coordinates on both sides of the strait, Russian scientists have measured in several places of his depth in the coastal area. All data on the new geographical area referred to the Office of Navigation and Oceanography in St. Petersburg, as it is responsible for making in Russia of new data in charts.

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