On the West Mogutlorskoye field installed

preparation of associated petroleum gas

In the central pumping station of the West Mogutlorskoye oilfield company "Aganneftegasgeologia" has a special system of training associated gas production of the Russian company "Energaz." It includes: a booster compressor unit EGSI-S-180/850 WA, metering gas drying system and cooling system (chiller) in separate shelters.


The company "Energaz" implements the project on the basis of individual engineering solutions, which allows for compression of PNG reach negative dew point temperature water (-20 ° C). Another feature of the process is that the dehydration associated gas in two ways: refrigerated and adsorption.


APG system of training "Energaz" is designed to sequentially perform the following tasks:


1. Drying — separation of the starting gas fractions associated to temperature changes during a subsequent compression may fall in the form of condensate.

2. Cleaning APG using a multi-stage filtration system includes an input filter, scrubber, gazomaslyany filter-separator, gas coalescing filter and fine filter output.

3. Compression — increasing the gas pressure to the projected level of 3 MPa, the required injection of APG in the transport pipeline.

4. The account of the prepared gas.

5. Cooling associated gas to stable indicators defined design requirements.


Installation of the process equipment engineers spent preparing APG "Energaz." Currently, the facility, the pre-commissioning.


Diversified company "Aganneftegasgeologia" — a subsidiary of "RussNeft". This program is specifically associated gas utilization, the implementation of which has provided the rational use of associated gas in the amount of state standard — 95%.


In November 2012 began to operate gas powered power plant (GPP) on Mokhtik field. With the launch of the GPP in the field completed the creation of a full-fledged gas energy complex with a capacity 6.4 MW. Built and launched pipeline "CPF Mokhtik field — turbine power plant of the West Midday field" length 15.6 km.


"Aganneftegasgeologia" is also involved in a large-scale transportation projects "RussNeft" — the construction of the gas pipeline 94 km. The pipeline brings together objects companies "Varioganneft" and "ANGG" to collect and transport associated gas treatment facilities.


«RussNeft" — a vertically integrated oil holding company, which is among the ten largest oil and gas companies. The structure of "RussNeft" — 24 mines in operation, which are located in 11 regions of Russia, CIS and West Africa. The head office is located in Moscow. The volume of oil production enterprises of the company is 13.6 million tons, and gas production reached 2,150 billion m3.
The total recoverable oil reserves of OAO NK "RussNeft" more than 600 million tons, the total recoverable gas reserves of 140 billion m3.

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