On the west of Kazakhstan covered mess

In Mangistau region (west Kazakhstan) For those who participated in the mass mess on w / w station Shetpe, police opened fire. As a result of this one person died, 12 were injured. On this Sunday afternoon said the general prosecutor's office Republic. It came out for the next day after the authorities have said about the oppression of the riots in the town of Zhanaozen.

According to the General Prosecutor's Office, a group of people who were calling for support in Zhanaozen protesters, traffic was blocked freight and passenger trains on the local steel road. Blocking the paths leading to "a delay of 3 and 7 passenger freight trains."

On Saturday at about 20.00 local time (18.00 MSK) police attempted to unlock the way, but a group of persons of 50 people they were rendered active resistance. Do they set fire to the freight train locomotive, cars and hurled Molotov consistency.

"After this hooligan entity (government Kazakhstan specifically refer to the protesters' hooligan persons ") continued in the village of Shetpe their criminal acts. There's a Christmas tree was set on fire, threw stones at windows of vehicles, shop windows "- Prosecutor General's Office reported.

"As an act of hooligans presented a real threat to the health and lives of innocent people, as police officers, police officers had to use a gun" — quoted by ITAR-TASS Attorney General Kazakhstan. In the clinic, according to preliminary data, "received 12 wounded with gunshot wounds. One of them died. "

According to the Kazakh authorities Zhanaozen Friday, December 16 as a result of the riots killed 11 people.

At the same time, human rights activists say the wounded and the dead is much larger than reported MIA Kazakhstan. With all of this to check the data so far is not possible — Twitter in the country for a long time has been disconnected, the websites are blocked-independent media, telephone communication with Zhanaozen disabled.

Radio "Liberty" reports that the general prosecutor's office Kazakhstan on Saturday, also said that the authorities were able to prevent the mess in Aktau, which could flare up after the events in Zhanaozen.

"Certain concerns were yesterday in Aktau, people began to gather. But after prophylactic conversation Management Department of the Interior and prokuroratury town with them, they dispersed themselves, "- told a press conference in Astana Nurdaulet Suindikov official dealer of the General Prosecutor's Office.

He also said that in various towns in connection with the events in Zhanaozen are calls that "it is necessary to show solidarity and support the movement in Zhanaozen. " I believe that this is the result of misunderstanding the situation and ownership of information about what happened, "- he concluded.

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