On the YA KnAAZ Gagarin began construction of a new plant for the processing of aluminum alloys

Aircraft factory at the Komsomol of "dry" — "KnAAZ the YA Gagarin "construction of a new plant for the processing of aluminum alloys. During the construction of buildings with a total area of 5660 sq.m. will apply advanced construction solutions. Workshop will equip the latest technology parts manufacturing will create comfortable working conditions. Installed high-efficiency equipment with program management will provide an opportunity to unify the technology of manufacturing of parts, minimize losses and increase productivity. 

Construction of workshop machining of aluminum alloys — one of the stages of a large-scale renovation project machining production Komsomol aircraft factory. The introduction of advanced technologies enable the company to carry out the production program 2014-2018 gg., Which is greater than the current 70%, and to ensure timely execution of government contracts to produce military aircraft.

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