On the Yenisei plywood factory launched a new production line

The project for the construction of a plywood mill in Sosnovoborsk in 2008 was recognized as a priority, and the federation involves production of 350,000 cubic meters of plywood and 100,000 cubic meters of marketable veneer per year. Now the plant produces about 110-120 thousand cubic meters per year. Generally, a total of eight edge projects are included in the list of priority investment projects of the country in the area of forest and "Yenisei Plywood Factory" — one of them.

"Here today, the company has already started the machine for assembling packets. Unique, this is nowhere in Russia. This improves the performance of the plant. Expect the launch of two new tools and a press. Together, it will also increase productivity. We can see that the products are produced, it is claimed, are placed pre-orders and prepayment in full swing. I think that everything happens according to plan. Currently, the sale of products is carried out mainly by Russia and claimed it in the first place in the construction, panel construction ", — said Andrew Gnezdilov. After reaching the design capacity of the plant will be the largest and most technologically advanced manufacturer of plywood products in Russia. The plant is equipped with modern equipment from the United States and Finland, and the final volume of investment in the project will be about 7 billion rubles. We add "Yenisei Plywood Factory" as a priority investment project in forest development, in addition to federal support for businesses since 2009 and enjoys government support of the regional budget in the form of subsidies for reimbursement of the cost of interest payments on loans. The decision was taken by the Investment Council of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

"Since this is a priority project, he will get about 4 million rubles, interest rate subsidies, rents decreased by 50 percent. The company employs more than 500 people, and a production increase the number of jobs increases. This is a huge plus for Sosnovoborsk", — said the member of the Legislative Assembly of the Region Yuri Danil’chenko.

According to Andrei Gnezdilov soon forest industry region are waiting for new, positive changes. "Next year will be eventful in the field of woodworking. Runs the largest furniture factory, which will be invested about 5 billion rubles of investments. And in the first quarter, started the first part of Boguchansky timber which capacity will be one million cubic meters per year" — the official said .

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