On the Zaporizhstal started a new job w / train station with modern control technology

 Photo source:zp.ua

The collective management of railway transport of "Zaporizhstal" on the eve of the new, 2012, was granted to use a completely new railway station "Sinter", equipped with a microprocessor centralization of control points and signals. December 30 she was accepted formulations of raw materials and coal.
Microprocessor centralization — an innovation that was first used in the enterprise.
In 2009-2010, the building of the new station is built. In 2010, work began on installation of equipment microprocessor, and in April of 2011 embarked on a pre-commissioning. In November, the station equipment was delivered to "sweep". All discrepancies and inconsistencies are eliminated. And on the eve of the New Year apparatus station switched to continuous operation. Staff on duty at the station and shops were trained to use during installation and commissioning at the company’s specialists, who mounted the system. Now all their clocks automatically, all the processes are controlled by a computer.
As the press service of the plant "Zaporizhstal" station "Sinter" is created in the context of modernization and introduction of energy saving technologies, which is a complex PCI intended to replace the use of natural gas in the pulverized coal in the process of smelting iron in blast furnaces. The project is based coal storage base, it is designed to have a railway station — "Coal", which will be equipped with modern equipment traffic control station as "Sinter plant."

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