On the Zvezdochka repair the submarine Kaluga and Vladikavkaz Project 877

Ship repair center workers "asterisk" in Severodvinsk are increasing the pace of work on the diesel submarines of Project 877 of the Northern Fleet.

Who "star" of repair are two of the same type of diesel-electric submarines of Polyarninsky connection submarine of the Northern Fleet — "Kaluga" and "Vladikavkaz."
"Kaluga" appeared on the "star" in 2003. Recently considered a proposal for its sale abroad, to withdraw from the Navy, and even about recycling, but in 2009 the decision was made, supported by appropriate funding, the beginning of the repair and modernization of the boat. Today, thanks to stable funding work on the "Kaluga" took to the fitting-out period. According to the schedule in May 2012, diesel-electric submarines to be launched and after passing the factory and state tests by the end of 2012 transferred to the Navy.
The second Russian "Varshavyanka" — "Vladikavkaz" — stood in the shop "star" very recently. As reported on the website flotprom.ru, signing of the act of transfer to repair the boat will take place at the end of December this year, and next year will begin with shipbuilders yagrinskie case of fault detection, system and tools, and then gradually deployed an extensive renovation. The volume of planned modernization is the same as on the "Kaluga" and includes the improvement of complex weapons, communications, navigation and acoustic

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