On trim ISS hit weird thing



On trim ISS hit weird thing
27.11.03, the


According to the members of the crew of the International Space Station, they heard a small sound, "similar to the one as if something hit the hull of a ship." U.S. astronaut Mike Foale told Mission Control Center in NASA, that the blow fell on the module where the crew is a bedroom, a kitchen and a toilet. "The sound lasted for about a second. It was like a punch or something like that" — said the astronaut. Russian cosmonaut Alexander Kaleri also reported hearing the noise. According to him, this was the day before at about 11:00 MSK when the crew was finishing breakfast. Any disruption to the systems on board the ISS after the impact has not been fixed. After this incident, the crew with a video camera on the arm examined the area of skin where, judging by the sound, drop impact, but no damage was found. The flight continued normally. M.Foul and A. Kaleri plan to celebrate Thanksgiving lightweight schedule, as well as a festive menu including turkey and chicken with rice, the paper concludes.












































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